Bridal Makeup Course by Makeup Miracle

Professional bridal makeup course designed by expert makeup artists to help you become the next successful makeup artist

Exciting Hands-on & Practical Sessions To Prepare Students For The Real Thing

Understanding theory from a book and applying it in the real world are two quite different experiences. Through our on-the-job training, you will be fully prepared when you graduate from our academy.

Nothing beats hands-on & practical experience!

Working Together with The Industry’s Top Makeup Artists

You’ll be in good hands with our hand-picked instructors, throughout your entire journey learning with us.

You get to work beside some of the top makeup artists in the industry, gaining first hand experience of how to assist the bridal party from start to finish.

Certified by Globally Recognised Professional Makeup Brands and the Beauty Industry

When you complete any of our courses, you’re not just an ordinary makeup artist. We pride ourselves that earning a certificate from Makeup Miracle is recognised globally by top makeup brands, and can help you out in the beauty industry. The Academy can enable you to connect and stay in touch with priority for makeup artist.

Be The Next Sought-After Bridal Makeup Artist

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Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is suitable for those who would like to work professionally in bridal makeup & hairstyling, registry of marriage, actual wedding day and night, pre-wedding, bridesmaids’ & relatives’ makeovers.

Exciting Career Options

Start your own business

Be your own boss! Freelance for private clients on your own schedule or open up your own makeup artistry studio. Specialise in bridal makeup. Your business will go wherever you take it!

Travel Around The World

You get to travel around for pre wedding photoshoots & collaborate with talented photographers, stylists & wedding planners. Enjoy your trip and get paid for it at the same time.

Endless demand for talent

The industry & customers constantly demand the best talent, all year round. Most successful bridal makeup artists can earn far more than other known professions if you take the right approach.

Makeup Course Duration

A. Bridal Makeup Course – 100 Hours (3 hours per class, est. time of completion 2 months)
B. Creative Hair Styling – 30 Hours (3 hours per class, est. time of completion 10 days)

Bridal Makeup Course Outline

A. Bridal Makeup Knowledge, Application & Techniques

  • Skin Care knowledge and application
  • Introduction to beauty cosmetic tools
  • In-depth understanding of face shape & bone structure
  • In-depth understanding of products, equipment and colour combinations
  • In-depth tutorial on eye makeup:
      • Eyebrow grooming & shaping – types of eye shadows, eye liner, false lash application, double eyelid illusion
  • Blush & lips applications
  • In-depth understanding and application of liquid foundation
  • Theory & application of full features
  • Camouflage makeup (covering birthmarks, blemishes, pimples & scars)

B. Bridal Makeup

  • Bridal couture makeup
  • Wedding day Makeup
  • Wedding evening makeup
  • Personality Bridal Makeup: Personalised bridal makeup with in-depth knowledge of its application & techniques in each wedding session
  • Essentials on tattoo cover makeup
  • Techniques & knowledge in body balm
  • Essential tips & techniques on long lasting bridal makeup

C. Creative Hairstyling

  • Hair types and essential product application
  • Blow drying and styling hair
  • Setting long/ short hair
  • Hair bun/ French twist/ braiding
  • Fringe styling
  • Braided hairstyling for all occasions
  • Bridal headwear- veil application, flora application
  • Wedding day & evening bridal hairstyling

Flexible Bridal Makeup Course Schedule To Fit Your Lifestyle


10AM to 1PM
2PM to 5PM
7PM to 10PM


By appointment only

Fee & Payment Plans For Bridal Makeup Courses

 Our bridal makeup course includes:

• Course Syllabus – a guide for each student on the topics and course discussions.
• Discounts on Academy’s Partner Cosmetic Brands.
• Real Practicum field experience & training on co-operative work events.
• Various exposure activities at different Academy brand collaboration events.
• Certificate


✔CASH ✔50% Bank Deposit ✔Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard & My DEBIT)

Be The Next Sought-After Bridal Makeup Artist

Take 2 minutes to fill in a simple form, our friendly staff will assist you to enroll on our course