Personal Makeup Course

Take your personal makeup knowledge to the next level and turn yourself into a real eye-catcher!

One-to-one Teaching Or Group Class, The Choice Is Yours

Whether you want to learn on your own to receive our teacher’s full attention, or in a fun group environment, we’ve got you covered. Makeup Miracle can help to arrange all types of class to fit your lifestyle.

Personalised Teaching For Every Student

You will receive a proprietary face chart technique that shows you how to choose and use the right cosmetics. Get hands-on experience with our full range of skin care, cosmetics, tools and professional brushes. We use a modern and practical approach to teaching makeup in this fast-paced course.

Enroll On Our Personal Makeup Course

✓ Personalised face chart
✓ Certificate of completion (for selected courses only)
✓ Customised makeup note
✓ Free makeup & hairstyling service worth RM400

Variety Of Personal Makeup Courses
Designed Just For You

Like A Boss

A quick makeup finish in 15 minutes. Boost your confidence and professional look with sharp aesthetics which command power.

Lets Party

Prepare yourself for a night out! Long lasting thematic makeup skills that make you look good in any lighting.

All Eyes On Me

Charismatic beauty that looks great at any thematic event, functions & occasions. This is a makeup skill to enhance the strong points of your features and show your personality.

Fresh Grads, I’m Ready

Impress your future boss at first sight with an approachable and friendly look. This helps open the door to a bright future career.

Less Is More

Show your flawless healthy looking skin with our “No-makeup” look. Simplified daily makeup routine to shorten the time it takes to complete your makeup.

No To Filter

Use the magical makeup tool to create studio-ready looks showing your best in a photo. Learn the latest cosmetics, skincare & beauty trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to buy any cosmetic products for the course?
– No. We will provide all cosmetics products and tools during the class

2) What should I prepare before the course?
-You will just need to bring your existing skincare products and prepare yourself for the most exciting class ever!

3) Can I bring my existing cosmetic products to the class?
-Of course you can! If you have any queries about the products’ usage and knowledge, we will answer all your questions one by one!

4) If I have no basic makeup skills, will the course be too tough for me?
-Not at all! Our educator will guide you throughout the class.

5) I’m currently working on weekdays. Do you provide classes on weekends?
-Yes! We can arrange the classes whenever you want! Enquire about the class schedule via email,

6) If I have friends who are keen to attend the course together, do you provide group sessions too?
-Yes! We can arrange group classes!

7) What language is the class delivered in?
-English , Mandarin or Cantonese.

8) When is the class?


10AM to 1PM
2PM to 5PM
7PM to 10PM


By appointment only

Enroll On Our Personal Makeup Course

Sign up now to get an additional revision session (free makeup & hairstyling service worth RM400) from our educators after successful completion of the course.