Professional Makeup Course

Kick start an exciting career in the makeup industry. Travel from runway to runway, do high fashion makeup, or consult with blushing brides.

From Beginner To Professional Makeup Artist

Many people start this career with a burning passion in their heart. But the path to becoming a full time professional has one big obstacle: you aren’t a certified professional.

Let Makeup Miracle be your stepping stone and learn the right knowledge at the same time.

Brand Yourself In The Beauty Industry & Get Clients To Become Your Adoring Fans

At Makeup Miracle, we go beyond the technical skills that you need to provide a professional level of service. Our experienced instructors will share with you their secrets on how to position yourself and continue to get clients to love your work.

On-going Collaboration & Job Opportunities For Our Students

Not ready to work on your own? Join our big family at Makeup Miracle after you graduate from our course. Work with the people you are already familiar with and continue to polish your skills while you get paid for the job.

Be The Next Sought-After Professional Makeup Artist

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Who Is This Programme For?

This programme is specifically designed for beginners who would like to further enhance and develop their knowledge through our Professional & Bridal Makeup Course.

Exciting Career Possibilities

Start your own business

Be your own boss! Freelance for private clients on your own schedule or open up your own makeup artistry studio. Specialise in beauty makeup or hair styling. You decide your own career path.

Work for top brands!

Do you love working with people and like the hustle and bustle of busy retail outlets? Why not work for top makeup brands? They’ll expect trained and certified makeup artists to work at their stores and counters. Our Academy is certified by M.A.C Cosmetics for employment opportunities, along with other international cosmetic brands.

Join The High Fashion Industry

With the right exposure and experienced educators networking, you can break into the world of high fashion. Work with fashion designers and models to create looks that will turn heads and inspire trends across the globe.

Makeup Course Duration

Professional Makeup Course – 150 Hours (3 hours per class, est. time of completion 3 months)

Professional Makeup Course Outline

A. Professional Makeup Knowledge and Techniques

  • Skin care knowledge and application
  • Professional usage of beauty cosmetic tools
  • Analysing face shape & bone structure
  • Eyebrow theory & reshaping
  • Types & application of base
  • Contouring & camouflage makeup
  • Colour coordination and theory
  • Theory and application of full eye features
  • False lash application and double eyelid Illusion

B. Types of Bridal Makeup

  • Bridal day makeup
  • Bridal evening makeup
  • Wedding couture makeup
  • Essential tips & techniques on long lasting bridal makeup

C. Personality Bridal Makeup

  • Personalised bridal makeup with in-depth knowledge of its application & techniques in each wedding session.

D. Beauty Makeup

  • Corrective makeup techniques
  • Colour matching application
  • Soft smoky to heavy smoky makeup
  • Ethnic beauty makeup knowledge

E. Classical Makeup

  • History of period makeup and its application

Flexible Professional Makeup Courses Schedule To Fit Your Lifestyle


10AM to 1PM
2PM to 5PM
7PM to 10PM


By appointment only

Fee & Payment Plans For Professional Makeup Courses

Our professional makeup courses includes:

• Course Syllabus – to guide each student on the topics and course discussions.
• Discounts on Academy’s Partner Cosmetic Brands.
• Real Practicum field experience & training on cooperative work events.
•Various exposure activities on different Academy brand collaboration events.
• Certificate


✔CASH ✔50% Bank Deposit ✔Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard & My DEBIT)

Be The Next Sought-After Professional Makeup Artist

Take 2 minutes to fill in a simple form, our friendly staff will assist you to enroll on our course